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Users of business information rely on companies to communicate relevant financial and nonfinancial information.

Assurance services are objective reviews of evidence for the purpose of providing an independent assessment. The scope and nature of assurance services includes reviewing and evaluating for: operational efficiencies and effectiveness; reliability of financial and operational systems; adequacy and clarity of policies and procedures; compliance with our client’s policy, state and federal law; safeguarding of assets; and accomplishment of objectives and goals.

As CPAs, we provide assurance on a broad spectrum of subject matter other than traditional financial statements, and the services vary in extent and level of confidence conferred.

We also offer IT Audit services which are conducted by certified IT Auditors.


Credibility is key in our service.

Our experts have the reputation in providing the assurance services with objectivity, integrity, strong analytical skills, experience in measuring various subject matters against criteria, processes for testing the reliability of data and clarity in reporting the results.

Whether you are businesses, not-for-profit organizations, governments or individuals, you might need our assurance services to achieve certain objectives. We will be there to provide our services when:

  • Potential investors require information about past financial results to assess an entity’s ability to generate future profits

  • Potential creditors need to know whether there is sufficient liquidity to service debt

  • Potential trading partners want information about the effectiveness of an entity’s processes and the quality of its goods or services

  • Regulators express concern with adherence to laws protecting the public

  • Potential donors to a not-for-profit organization want information about whether the entity is achieving its stated objectives

  • Other stakeholders are concerned with the entity’s social costs, such as employment practices or sustainability matters

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